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While we do the best to ensure that your best images show up as Splash and Cover images, we know that sometimes our formulas do not suit your style. The Splash and Cover images of your iBrochure are completely customisable to you and this document will explain where they are and how to change them. 

This functionality is available for all iBrochure Packages

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Getting Started

Once your product or products have been linked to your account, you will find them under 'Your Content' (at the bottom of your Dashboard - depending on the functions available on your Dashboard, you might have to scroll down to see it).

Note: If you have an iBrochure, it will sit under Enhanced Listing while Free Listings will sit under Your Listings.

Click on the 'Product Name' of your listing (in green) or 'Edit' to update your listing and 'View on Map' to see where your product is located on the Wetu Map. 

For an iBrochure, the link will also be available for you to copy. This is the link you use when distributing your iBrochure. 

When you click 'Edit' an Update Form will open with a Menu on the left-hand side for you to add all of your relevant content. Under Appearance click on 'Cover Image,' 'Splash Page' or 'Slider' as required.  

Splash Page

Under Appearance in the menu options, is the Splash Page. This image is for the landing page of the iBrochure. If you do not make a specific image as the Splash page, the first image in your Pictures will automatically be the Splash Page. 

Landscape images are always best and the image should be cropped in a 2:1 ratio before loading so that it fills the entire screen when the iBrochure is loaded. If the image is not cropped, there will be black on sides of the images. 

Cover Images

Once you enter the iBrochure, each section of information has a cover image the system assigns to it. These can each be edited under the Cover Images section.

The following sections will be visible:

This is the 5th Image in your picture gallery 

This is the first image in your rooms image gallery

Map and Documents
These are stock images uploaded from our system. You are able to upload custom images.

Virtual Tours 
This is an old section from the Old iBrochure and no longer applies.

This is the first image in your activities gallery.

Why Stay Here
The name of this section changes depending on your iBrochure Type. The fourth image on your picture gallery will display.

Why Stay Here will display for Accommodation, Mobile Accommodations and Mobile Safaris
Why Visit Here will display for Sites and Attractions
Why Eat Here will display for Restaurants
Why Do This will display for Activities 
Why Conference Here will display for Conference Venues


The slider images are the the large images on the overview of the ibrochure. By default, the first three images in your picture gallery will display.

Under Appearance on the update form, select 'Slider' and upload up to three landscape images should you wish to replace these. 

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