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In Wetu, properties and activities are either listed as iBrochures or Basic Free listings. We give you the ability to manage your own content, either way. Wetu content is live, which means that as you update the information in your listing, any online platform which you have your listing linked to will automatically update with any changes instantly - this includes any itineraries which your listing is featured in, as well as the Consultant Portal which Operators have access to within the Wetu system. In this article, we will guide you through the steps of adding a description, photos, contact details and other general information about your listing on Wetu.

These options are available on all Supplier Listings

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Adding a Description
Loading Pictures
Adding Room Types
Adding Unit / Villa Types
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Getting Started

To begin, open your web browser and go to

On the top right-hand side of the Home page, click on 'Login'.

Enter your login details and click on 'Login'.

Note: If you do not have login details, please don't hesitate to contact us on for assistance, or  Register as a new user.

Once you have logged in, your Wetu Dashboard will appear. From here you can access all the various aspects of your Wetu account.

Once your listing or listings have been linked to your account, you will find them under 'Your Content' (at the bottom of your Dashboard - depending on the functions available on your Dashboard, you might have to scroll down to see the listing/s). 

In this article, we will use an Accommodation Listing as an example, however, the concept is the same for the various options.

Note: If you have an iBrochure, it will sit under 'Enhanced Listings', while a Free Listing will sit under 'Your Listings'.

Click on the Product Name of your listing or 'Edit' to update your listing, and click on 'View on Map' to see where your property is located on the Wetu map.

When you click on the 'Product Name' of your listing or on 'Edit', an Update Form will open with a menu on the left-hand side where you can add all of your relevant content.

Adding a Description

A description of your product is a vital part of your listing and, when well written, it has the ability to draw people in and paint a scene in one's imagination. This is the description that will appear on all the Virtual, Digital and Printable Itineraries that Operators build. 

Under Content select, 'Description' to add your text.

A few tips to keep in mind when adding your description:

  • There is a 200-word limit, therefore, try keeping your description short and concise. 
  • This description should always be written in the 3rd person, as Wetu is for other people to sell your products. Try to avoid using words like 'we', 'our', 'us' and 'you'.
  • Avoid multiple spacing between paragraphs as this pushes down images when your listing is featured in an itinerary.
  • Also, remember that less is more. Most people don't read lengthy descriptions.

Once you are satisfied with your description, select 'Save' before proceeding to the next section of the Update Form.

Note: Always save before proceeding to the next section of the Update Form. If you do not save you will lose all of the information you have entered the moment you click on a new tab in the menu on the left-hand side.

Loading Pictures

Adding pictures to your listing will provide travellers with a visual representation of your product, making it easier for them to envision themselves enjoying your facilities whilst on their dream vacation. Pictures speak louder than words. These are the images which will appear on all the Virtual, Digital and Printable Itineraries that Operators build. 

Under Content select 'Pictures' to upload pictures of your product.

Guidelines are available for you to follow as you upload your images, as well as a few useful tips to take into consideration so that travellers can get the full effect from the pictures you have added to your listing.

A few things to remember when uploading pictures:

  • The minimum size of the image must be at least 500KB - anything under 300KB will not look good on your client's full screen.
  • Ideal image size should be > 2MB, preferably > 3MB.
  • Upload high-resolution images with a minimum 648 x 432 resolution.
  • Upload landscape images rather than portrait images – most screens are twice as wide as they are high, therefore landscape images will display better than portrait images.
  • The first 3 images show up in both the Overview section of the Digital Itinerary, as well as on the Printable Itinerary.
  • Get into the destination (destination = wildlife, beach, mountains, city etc) 
  • Room images are becoming more important in searches, so be sure to add images to your Room Types.

Recommended Image Sizes

Suppliers:       Image Size: File Size:  
Hotel Images       Minimum: 648 x 432 | Ideal: 1080 x 720 Minimum: 550KB | Ideal: > 2MB
Room Images       Minimum: 648 x 432 | Ideal: 1080 x 720 Minimum: 550KB | Ideal: > 2MB
Activity Images       Minimum: 648 x 432 | Ideal: 1080 x 720 Minimum: 550KB | Ideal: > 2MB
Restaurant Images       Minimum: 648 x 432 | Ideal: 1080 x 720 Minimum: 550KB | Ideal: > 2MB

Adding Images
To add a picture, click on 'Add New Picture'. This will allow you to upload images that have been saved on your computer.

You can upload 6 pictures directly from your computer. A picture says 1000 words - tell a story with your images which should represent all aspects of your product.

Note: The system will give you a warning highlighted in red should the image you upload be too small.

Labels, Descriptions and Photographer Credits
You will be required to credit the photographer’s name for each of the pictures which you have uploaded in order to save them to your listing. This is due to copyright laws.

It is not compulsory to enter labels and/or descriptions for the images which you have uploaded, however, you can input these details should you wish to do so.

Labels, descriptions and photographer credits all appear on the pictures which they have been entered for in the Virtual and Digital Itineraries that Operators build and feature your listing in, as well as in the Consultant Portal which Operators have access to within the Wetu system. 

Changing the Display Order of the Images
To change the order in which the images are going to be displayed in the Itinerary Outputs, click, hold and drag the image to the correct position.

Be sure you have the necessary legal rights to use the images and confirm this by ticking the 'I confirm that we have permission to use these images' checkbox under the 'Save' button.

Once you have finished uploading the pictures, click 'Save' at the bottom of the page before proceeding to the next section of the Update Form.

Adding Room Types

Select 'Room Types' from the menu on the left-hand side and a new box will appear, allowing you to add your Room Name as well as a description of the room. Once you have saved the description, the following options will appear:

Add New Image
Allows you to upload images from your computer. 

No of Rooms
Add the number of rooms available for this specific room type.

Once you have added your first room, select 'Add New Room' and a second section will appear and you are able to load a second Room Type. You are able to add as many rooms as needed.

Note: You have to Save a new Room Type before you can add the number of rooms and images to it. Room images are growing more and more popular on internet searches.

Note:  A Room Type allows you to add rates on a per person basis or a per unit basis. Adding a Unit/Villa only allows for a per unit basis. 

Adding Unit / Villa Types

If necessary, repeat the steps above to add Unit / Villa Types to your property's listing.

Loading Facilities

Under Product Information, select 'Facilities'. A new page will open where you can indicate which facilities (general facilities on-site and room facilities) and services are available at your property, as well as which activities take place on the property and nearby.

The Facilities which you load for your property will appear on all the Virtual and Digital Itineraries that Operators build and feature your listing in. Operators are also able to search for new properties using these facilities, making it quite an important section for you. 

Tick the checkboxes to select all of the relevant Facilities pertaining to your property. Only select those that apply to your property.

Once you have finished selecting Facilities, click on the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page before proceeding to the next section of the Update Form.

Loading Contact Details

Contact details make up part of the content which you're able to add to your property listing, and are essential for making it easy for customers to contact you.

These contact details will appear on the itineraries of confirmed travellers as well as a reference for Operators to contact you on. 

Under General Information, click on 'Contact Details' to open a new page where you can update your contact information.

Here you will see several fields for you to load the relevant contact details which you have for your property's listing, i.e. Front Desk, Reservation / Bookings, Marketing Contact Person, etc (scroll down to see all fields).

Wetu Suggests: Adding any or all contacts is not mandatory, but contact details play a huge role in simplifying communication between you and your clients as well as serve as reassurance for services offered, so we suggest you at least load Reservation / Bookings contact details.

Once you have finished entering contact details for your property, click on the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page before closing the webpage with the Update Form and returning to your Wetu Dashboard.

Where Contact Details will be Displayed
As explained previously, you have options for the types of contacts which you are able to load. Some of these contacts will display on outputs while others are strictly for your internal use. Below is a detailed breakdown of which contacts will show on outputs and which ones will not.

Front Desk, Reservation / Bookings, Marketing Contact Person 
Details filled in under these fields will be displayed in the Consultant Portal which Operators have access to within the Wetu system. If you add a direct link to your online reservation system, Operators who click on the link will be redirected to your online reservation page for your property.

General and GDS Codes
Your physical address will be displayed in the Consultant Portal which Operators have access to within the Wetu system, and the social media links you add will translate into clickable links redirecting Operators to your pages.

Booking Affiliate 
Wetu is integrated with some online booking systems, and should you want to link that booking system with Wetu, this is where we link the two by adding the code provided by the booking system.

Note: Operators are able to include your contact details upon generating a Printable Itinerary, but only details which you have loaded under 'Reservation / Bookings -- Telephone Number' and 'Physical Address' will pull through. 
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