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Each of your consultants should have their own user log-in to ensure their clients receive all of their contact details as well as a little bit of information about them to make their interactions a more personal experience.

This functionality is available for all Operator Packages

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Adding a New User
Managing your Users
Deleting a User
Where does this information Display
Video Tutorial: Introducing Your Client to Their Consultant

Adding a New User

Only Wetu is able to create new Users on your system. Each User is charged for according to your contract. If you would like to add a new user, please send the name, surname and email address of the consultant to our Support Team.

The Support Team will create a username and password for your requested consultant and send this to you. We suggest keeping the username generic, to avoid changes in the future. 

Note: Only Wetu Support is able to edit a username. 

Managing your Users

Open the Admin Function on the Wetu Dashboard. This will automatically open the User Tab and you will see a list of all the users created for your account. 

By clicking on 'Edit' you will be able to update your personal information. 

Add the Consultants Name 

Add the email address for the consultant. All enquiries from a personal itinerary as well as itinerary viewed notifications will be sent to this email. 

This phone number will display on the itinerary and in all correspondence with the client

Add the Skype ID of the consultant if clients are able to contact them via Skype

Add a little bit of information about the consultant. What are their interests, what are their passions and what makes them stand out? This helps to create a personal connection between the client and the consultant

Countries Visited
Listing the countries a consultant has visited shows they have personal experience in these destinations as well as inside information that the client can benefit from

Favourite Destinations
Everyone has a favourite, and if a client is interested in your favourite, this helps to build a connection with them. It shows you have personal experience as well as a passion you can share with them.

Note: Any section that is not filled in falls away on the output of the itinerary. If you do not add information there won't be an empty heading!

Send Itinerary Viewed Notification 
This setting will determine whether or not you will be receiving an email notification whenever one of your clients opens the itineraries you send them. This can also be managed for each itinerary individually

Change Password
In order to reset or change your password, you will need to click on the 'Change Password' button. Once you have added the new password remember to click on 'Update' to apply it to your user. 

Deleting a User

Only Wetu is able to delete users on your system. You are able to contact our Support Team to assist you with removing users from your account, however, we do recommend that you transfer all of the itineraries that have been created on that consultant's profile to a different consultant before making the request to remove the account.

Alternatively, if this is a user account that is part of your package, you can simply change the name and email address to a generic name and reset the password, so that you don't have to transfer the itineraries and the username can be assigned to a new consultant.

Where does this Information Display

The basic contact details will be displayed in the Banner Image whereas the consultant information such as the Description, Countries Visited and Favourite Destinations, will be displayed in the About Us tab in the Digital Itinerary. 

The details can also be added to the Contemporary Printable option.

Note: the Consultant Information does not display on the Virtual or Classic Printable Itinerary. 

Video Tutorial: Introducing Your Client to Their Consultant

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