Route Builder: Loading Flights

Flights are a vital part of the most itineraries, how else is someone from Europe supposed to get to Africa to enjoy an experience in the Kruger National Park? 

In this document, we will go over how to load flights and get the correct information to your client each time using our Flight Lookup. If you would like to know how overnight flights work, see this document.

This functionality is available for all Operator Packages

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Adding the Flight
Adding Flight Details

Adding the Flight

Open up the Route Builder of your itinerary, and find the correct day for the flight. Using the Blue Plus symbol, add any additional routing information. 

Adding Flight Details

Once all of your transport legs have been loaded, select the red plane icon next to the transport mode. 

Fill in the Company and Flight Number of the flight and select 'Get Flight Details' 

Note: Your itinerary has to have dates in order for the flight tracker to work. This is only available in personal Itineraries. 

Adding Flight Company
When clicking your mouse in the 'Search Airline' field, a drop down will appear. At the top will be all your contacts saved in your Admin Section and below that the Airlines as found on FlightStats

Saved Contacts
Selecting a contact under 'Saved Contacts' will allow you to manually add flight details to the Contact you have saved in Admin. You will need to populate all fields manually.

Selecting an Airline in this section with the correct flight details will allow you to pull all of the flight details from FlightStats and have them added into the relevant fields. 

Select the Airline you need (from the airline section) and add in your flight number. Select the 'Get Flight Details' and the correct details will filter through to the booking. 

The system will auto-populate flight details such as the flight path, terminal details when available, flight times and the flight duration.

Should there be multiple flights registered to the flight number you have added, a window will appear showing the various flights available from which you can then choose the desired flight. 

Select 'Save' and your details are ready for your client. 

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