Options: Setting Print Defaults and Controlling Customisation

 Wetu offers two style templates for printable outputs, Classic and Contemporary. These style templates are applicable to Printable Itineraries, Print Summaries, and Printable Vouchers.The style template must be set in the Admin Panel by a user with Admin access. Both Classic and Contemporary have their own set of customisation options, which create a different look and feel. It is also possible to set default options from the Admin Panel. You may want to do this if you prefer all Printable Itineraries generated by your team to look the same. 

In this document, we will show you how to set Printable defaults and explain how to give consultants access to customise those defaults from the Itinerary Builder.

This functionality is restricted to users with Admin access

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Setting a Default Style Template
Setting Default Customisation Options
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Getting Started

Navigate to the Admin Panel from your Dashboard

Then click on the Options tab, and scroll down to Printable Itinerary Options.

Setting a Default Style Template

Under Printable Itinerary Options you will be able to select which style template, Classic or Contemporary, you wish to use. 

Classic has all the original print settings with a simple layout and few new options such as colours, fonts and logo size. Contemporary has a more modern layout with redesigned info tables & simplified print options.

Note: Whenever you change your style template from Classic to Contemporary, or vice versa, remember to scroll down and click Update. If you have the Itinerary Builder open in another browser window when you change your style template in Admin, also remember to refresh that browser window so that the changes you have in Admin take effect in the Itinerary Builder.

Setting Default Customisation Options

All the Customisation Options for Printable Itineraries, Print Summaries, and Printable Vouchers that appear in the Itinerary Builder also appear in the Admin Panel under Printable Itinerary Options. From here you can make selections about the customisation options which you would prefer to use for each style template, such as colours, fonts or layout options, and set these as defaults for use in the Itinerary Builder. 

To do this, select the style template you want to set defaults for from the drop-down menu. Then set the customisation options for Printable Itineraries, Print Summaries or Print Vouchers as you like them. Finally, click Update to save your default options.

To learn more about the customisation options for Classic, please refer to this article, and for Contemporary, please refer to this article.

Controlling Customisation

If you have set default Printable Itinerary Options in Admin, you can control whether or not consultants in your team will be able to customise these defaults when using the Itinerary Builder. You may want to do this if you prefer all Printable Itineraries generated by your team to always look the same. Alternatively, you may want to set certain defaults, but still want to allow consultant to alter the look of the itineraries they create.

You can control consultant access to customisation options in the Itinerary Builder by selecting or deselecting the check-box next to Allow Consultants to Override Itinerary Options.

If this check-box is ticked, consultants will have access to all Printable Itinerary Customisation Options in the itinerary Builder.

If this check-box is not ticked, consultants will be limited in the following ways when working with printable outputs in the Itinerary Builder:

  • Printable Itineraries

When the Print Itinerary button is selected in Step 6 of the Itinerary Builder, no Printable Itinerary Options window will appear - the Printable Itinerary go directly to download, with the default options which were set in Admin applied to it.

  • Print Summaries

If the Print Summary button is clicked in the Itinerary Builder, no Printable Summary Options window will appear - the Print Summary go directly to download, with the default options which were set in Admin applied to it.

  • Vouchers

The Vouchers customisation window will still appear, but the customisation will be limited to which vouchers the consultant wishes to print and in what language. All other customisation options, like colour and branding on/off, will appear on the vouchers according to the default setting that have been selected for Vouchers in Admin.

Note:  If you consultants change a default settings in the Itinerary Builder a  reset to default button will appear so that they can return always to the defaults options you set up in Admin.
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